Friday, March 16, 2012

A conversation with a Robin

Joe and I were in the woods today in a secluded bower where we love to sit on some old logs surrounded by bushy thickets and tall twisted boughs stretching their myriad fingers high into the clear cool sky. A robin landed in a bush near to us and we both began making little whistling noises hoping it would come nearer. He flew out and landed on a stump between us at a small distance, facing us and began conversing with us in song. Every time one of us whistled he would sing back, sometimes even seeming to pick up on the rhythm of our whistling. He was so alert and so interested in us and his song was so gently sweet, it was quite an incredible experience and really made our day.
The pictures I have used here come from and 1839 children's story called the “Courtship, Marriage and Pic-Nic Dinner of Cock Robin and Jenny Wren.” It is very beautifully illustrated with hand coloured wood engravings.

There are also a lot of other amazing old kids' books in this online collection:


  1. I have a little robin who hangs around when I am at the allotment waiting for titbits. He sits on top of the spade. Last year he bought 'mrs robin' and 'baby robin' to visit. It was lovely to see them xxx

  2. I can't believe how cute baby Robins must be!!! That must have been pretty amazing Fran xx